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About Most Popular Twitter...

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking utilities on the Internet today. We classify it as a utility because basically, that is what most people use Twitter for. While it could also be considered a 'community', for the most part people tweet to devices such as cell phone or incorporate Twitter data into other projects.

Regardless of how you follow your favorite tweeters, the rise in popularity of this tool has grown beyon the expectations of many. The service has so many users, it is not uncommon to see the too many users connected error. Hopefully they will correct their capacity problems soon.

In late 2010, Twitter launched a new design for their website. There are a few enhancements over older versions of the site, but nothing too impressive.

Still, having a Twitter account is required for you to be socially connected to the rest of the world. We have in fact joined the Twitter craze with our account on twitter, _mostpopular.

We have done some special things with our Twitter account. We monitor all tweets that contain 'most popular' in the message and retweet the same. We try our best to include RT details provided they fit within their maximum number of characters per mesage.

We have also tied in our Facebook account with our Twitter account. So now, anything we post on our Facebook page will also be tweeted on twitter.

The Most Popular Twitter users function is currently undergoing some changes, and the data will be available here again shortly.

We want to hear from you, our visitors! Please come to our forums or chat to tell us what you think about our project and what other things you would like to see us provide ranking information for on the most popular network. We will soon start a directory here on this site of everything we are providing statistics for, as well as a general categorized index of popular things for which we don't yet have a dedicated website for.

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