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The Most Popular Facebook Pages Today are:

Last updated on Friday, February 23rd 2018...

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About Most Popular Facebook...

We finally set up our own official 'Most Popular' page over at Facebook. We hope to use the new facebook page to help promote the Most Popular project to the millions of users of the most popular and largest social network on the Internet.

For more details about the 'Most Popular' project, click here.

As you can see on this page we were able to pull out and extract the most popular facebook pages and display them in ranked order of popularity (based on the number of facebook fans who 'like' them).

We do have the ability to track and provide even more information than this and hope to make it all available here as soon as we can.

We have also migrated our own page on Facebook with our Twitter account, so you will be able to see our Facebook posts if you are following us on Twitter.

You can find the Most Popular Facebook Page at Please help us promote the project by sharing our facebook page with your online friends using the Like button that appears to the left of this paragraph.

Most Popular Facebook

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