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Most Popular is a directory, online community and search engine ranking just about everything according to the latest trends.

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What is the Most Popular ?

When you ask, "What is the most popular" anything, our system provides you with the answer! Our network of sites are all part of the very special "Most Popular" project where we do our best to organize all types of data according to how popular something is. We rank things like books, blogs, games, movies, news stories, songs, videos, websites and more and we make all of this information available to you on one of our specialty sites that focus on particular subjects. Our data comes from real world statistical information available from various sources we collect and process 24 hours a day.

As we continue to add and track the popularity of so many things, our vast collection of data allows us to not only provide you with details according to what is most popular, we can also provide you with additional detailed information about about each record. This allows us to bring you tons of searchable and indexed content on just about any core subject.

Our focus from the start of our project has been to track and rank the most popular subjects people are interested in. On the Internet, everything we see and do on the world wide web comes from websites. That is why our most important part of our project since its inception has been Most Popular Websites, where we rank every site according to how many people visit them each and every day. Using the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, we look for things that either entertain or inform us. Most often, we search for popular media topics, which is why we have also given prominent focus to our games, movies, songs and video sites.

Benefits of Joining our FREE Most Popular Community

With so much automated data, it was clear early on that the algorithms used by our systems could not always be 100% accurate. The help of our visitors would be crucial in pointing out any flaws and improving our system. With our completely FREE membership program we had to of course have more features than just the simple ability to let us know how we are doing, so we joined forced with SocialLink, enabling all of our members to signup easily and quickly using their favorite supported social network. Through this partnership, we created a system where not only can you use any of the most popular social networks to access our system, we went a step beyond to provide you with the power of being to aggregate all your accounts into a single profile. We invite you to be a part of this exciting new social opportunity.

We didn't stop there. For our U.S. members, we have also integration with a new system providing hyper-local community portals for every single American town. When you setup your account, you will be asked for the area which you live in, and in turn you will have quick access to what's happening in your own local community. You will have quick access to your own local news, weather, classifieds, business directory, community calendar and much more. We will also give you a completely FREE email account based on where you live! Access is again FREE, so there is nothing to lose and your privacy is fully protected.

A Special Invitation for Webmasters

If you have your own web presence online, we have even more available to you within the Most Popular network. Webmasters can take control of their website reports and are permitted to have links to their sites attached to their member profile signature. Whenever you provide a well constructed post or comment anywhere within our project, including our message board and forum sites, our visitors along with search engines will see quality links to your own site. With well over 1 million unique visitors per month through the Most Popular collection of content, all sharing the same membership system, we offer many ways to help promote your own assets while we further enrich the data and quality of our system.

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Most Popular Features Updates

This fall, many new features and updates are coming to Most Popular. Many of them will limited to those with memberships only in order to maintain control and prevent abuse of our system. Major announcements of new features will happen both here and on the individual sites in our project. We will also update our Most Popular Facebook and Most Popular Twitter feeds with is information.

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Most Popular Toolbar Now Available!

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Our new toolbar gives you the ease of including access to all the features on the Most Popular network conveniently on top of your web browser. You can also install a number of additional tools to the toolbar from many popular developers and content providers. And of course the toolbar works in the most popular web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Download it to enhance your web experience today.

We want to hear from you, our visitors! Please come to our forums or chat to tell us what you think about our project and what other things you would like to see us provide ranking information for on the most popular network.

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